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Matchbook Media has over 13 years of web development experience. We learned how to code in the days when the most popular browser was Internet Explorer 6, and the average user was still using dialup. In the years that followed, we continually expanded our expertise to include Custom WordPress Themes and Plugins, full Web Applications, custom server builds, and Automated Marketing Solutions. If it sounds nerdy, we’ve probably done it.

Life’s too short for slow website load times

Genghis Khan

Website Optimizations

Website optimization is something that is near and dear to us. Too many beautiful websites are ruined by 4, 6, 10 second load times. The reality today is that if your website isn’t quick, it’s irrelevant. SEO scores, bounce rates, and conversion rates are all heavily influenced by load times, and we take that very seriously. When you arrived at this website, I’m sure you felt it. We took this issue so seriously that we coded our own caching method that is up to 3X faster than any competitor we’ve found on the market.

We work with several companies with the sole intent to provide site speed optimizations. Even if you’re happy with your website, we’d love to make it faster for you.

WordPress Development

We were one of the earlier companies to use WordPress as our primary CMS when WordPress was just 3 years old, and we’ve been developing custom WordPress themes and plugins ever since. In that time, we’ve gotten really good at our jobs.

Want a custom theme written from scratch that still allows you to update your site without knowing HTML or CSS? We’ve done that. Have a website with millions of views per month that needs a full team to manage and update? Yeah, we do that too. Want a custom plugin built that is so simple, a prehistoric homosapien could use it? We haven’t actually tried that due to a minor generational gap, but we’re certain it would work.

Bonus bragging rights: we created a plugin that has an entire video library management software built in. Uploading, transcoding, video delivery, all without leaving the WordPress plugin. Seriously, we can pretty much code anything in the WordPress world.

Server Management

It started out of necessity really. We kept having servers crash, or get maxed out, or have really impractical pricing tiers. We had a client lose their entire website, backups and all, causing catastrophic damage to their business because their servers crashed. We decided to make sure that our sites never had that issue, and became experts in Google Cloud Servers.

Our Google Cloud Server setup allows us to start small, and scale up pretty much indefinitely. We start with a fresh Linux install with no bloatware and customize the server to fit your needs, we then monitor the servers and steadily upgrade them as the website gets more hits and requires more load. This ensures that you are only paying for what you need, and you have no ceiling for your growth.

We can scale as far as you need. From servers with 160 cores, to Load Balancing and Content Delivery Methods, if your business goes viral (or already is), we can build a server to accommodate.

Social Media Marketing

Few things in the marketing world have had such a dramatic return on investment than Social Media Marketing. That is, Social Media Marketing that is done correctly. With years of experience and test cases that span numerous markets, we have honed in the art of understanding your market, and creating ads and content that create the most effective response possible.

Rather than simply posting blanket ads or curating a few posts, we have strategies implemented that actively look for soft spots in the market. These soft spots include age, gender, demographic, and previous engagement history, and much more. We also implement tried and tested strategies of post timings and even the psychology of engagement rate based on dominant colors in ads…we do our legwork to ensure that you are able to get your content in front of people who actually want to see it and have the highest likelihood of a response.

We also have a step by step process for growing your marketing campaigns as your online presence becomes more established that go beyond the scope of just social media networks, and include tailored blogs, review management, collaborative networks (such as Linked In, Google+ and more), ensuring that whether you’re at the beginning, or established stages of your marketing journey, Matchbook Media can ensure continued growth. 

Other Services


Connecting to APIs are often challenging due to the different structures of data, security methods and API endpoints that aren’t always up to date. Fortunately Matchbook has connected hundreds of them, from custom Google Search Data analysis, to payment processors, to custom Social Media feeds. If it’s possible, we’ll figure it out.

Site Migrations

Often, a reason that a customer might hesitate to switch to a superior system is due to difficult migrations and the potential loss of customer data. We’ve written custom programs that have successfully migrated some of the most difficult systems and kept all of the data intact. Some of these include:

  • Magento to WooCommerce transfers with custom user metadata
  • Ning to Sensei transfer with automated password resets
  • Shopify to WooCommerce
  • Custom PHP member websites transferred to WP-Members

Automated Tracking Metadata

We’ve worked with several of the top user analytics software to create custom tracking metrics, as well as facilitated implementations for software such as Just Uno, Get Ambassador, custom Google Analytics, Facebook Ad campaigns and more.


We have a sister company Nuclear Networking that is the best in the business in regards to SEO and digital Marketing. There is a significant advantage when a Web Development company is building a site specifically tailored for SEO, and since we have a working relationship of over 10 years, we are able to build sites that specifically work with the SEO algorithms that Nuclear Networking uses; giving you a competitive advantage over others in the space.

Our Clients

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